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DJ Kilkenny the Best DJ Team

DJ Kilkenny the Best DJ Team

Disc jockeys, otherwise known as DJs, are popular entertainers. Their primary job is to play existing recorded music for a live crowd. There are the traditional radio variety, those who entertain at clubs, those who perform for weddings, etc.
Sometimes DJs work as a group of business people. One such group is DJ Kilkenny out of Kilkenny City, Ireland. This is a group of disc jockey pros who provide bands, sound and lighting, and more for a wide variety of events.
Founded by Eddie Hughes, he functioned as an Ireland disc jockey in the South East. However, after a while, the amount of work presented to Eddie became overwhelming. He knew that he needed some help if he was to continue carrying out his dream. Therefore, Hughes worked on building a team to handle the load. After accomplishing that goal, he then set about to owning top-notch lighting and sound equipment to ensure that he and his team had the best tools to do the job.  Word spread about the quality DJing that Eddie and his team provided, and soon they were performing not only in the South East but all over the country. DJ Kilkenny became known as not only a top disk jockeying outfit but one that had the best equipment.
Anyone who hires the team should know that all of the DJs and bands are auditioned and periodically audited by independent third parties to ensure that the public is always getting the best. Also, the equipment used is never older than four years. The company regularly replaces and updates its tools for optimal performance.
It’s typical for other outfits to focus on the bigger is a better motto. However, his team specialises in smaller events. With that kind of focus not only does the customer receive a quality product, but everything is more affordable.
The company has acquired an extensive list of well-known and successful clients such as  Jameson, INTO, Rose of Tralee, Gala, Irish Life, Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young, Glanbia, and more.

Who are the disk jockeys now at DJ Kilkenny? 

Eddie Hughes 

Founder Eddie got started in 1996, covering many events as the years went on. People know him for the way he enthusiastically and energetically mixes music for all ages. Eddie does it all, but he specialises in weddings. Who has been some of his customers? Such people as Brian Ormond and Pippa O’ Connor and members of the Irish rugby and hurling teams, for examples. Mr. Hughes also performs as a resident DJ at Matt the Millers in Kilkenny.

Billy Murphy 

Billy has been at it for seven years and is energetic and well-liked. He has done corporate events, pub/club nights, weddings, birthdays, and more. He is known for being able to read a crowd, and his microphone abilities are stellar.

Brian Hennessy 

As a leading DJ Kilkenny  member, Brian takes a lot of pride in the way he chooses music and in his ability to read a crowd and entertain them no matter the age or size. Of course, he views professionalism as a priority and his experience enhances his professionalism.

What does DJ Kilkenny offer? 

These disk jockeys out of Ireland provide a wide variety of services for all occasions:

21st Birthdays

What is special about the 21st birthday? It is traditionally an age that indicates that you’re an adult and legal across the globe. It’s a celebration of growing up and on what you’ve achieved so far. Brian’s team loves to do 21st Birthday celebrations.

Debs Deal 

In Ireland, becoming a Debs is an accomplishment for completing your final year of secondary school.  A Deb celebration is similar to the prom in the United States. Kilkenny DJs specialise in these celebrations. In fact, they are the only events company in Ireland who delivers Deb packages following the needs of a particular school. All the equipment, props, dressings, and DJs are provided. When a company tailors in such an event, the school can be sure it gets what it desires. These packages are available nationwide.

Pubs and Clubs 

Disk jockey jobs include performing at pubs and clubs.  Because the team is varied in their music knowledge, an event at a pub and club can always count on the appropriate music choices.  After all, there’s nothing quite as bad as the wrong music at one of these events.   They can choose for you, or you can select a theme.

Corporate Events 

Corporate events more and more choose the services of professional disk jockeys for their entertainment. Music at one of these events must be handled with skill and precision. After all, the kind of sound must leave a good impression on professionals, clients, and customers of a company. The events team can help with turn-key event management and consultancy.


Few weddings these days exist without DJ services. Kilkenny DJs offer a wide variety of wedding packages to suit your needs. Specifically, they offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages. For example, the Bronze package is the most basic. It gives you the appropriate lighting that includes the latest LED technology. You choose the colour lighting you want. The Bronze package must be booked in conjunction with one of the other packages. If you were to select the Gold package, for example, you get a thoroughly vetted and equipped DJ to play at your wedding from start to finish. You choose the music, and you can be sure that the professional disk jockey will deliver. Or go all out with the  Diamond package. You get the Bronze and Gold package combined.

Equipment for Hire 

The best equipment, whether it be audio, visual or lighting, is available to hire. It can be rented with delivery, set-up, engineers, breakdown, and return or without.