Entertainment Services

Why Your Event Needs an Entertainment Service

Nervous about a big event coming your way? Trying to plan and accommodate for a gathering by yourself is difficult with the pressure of success riding on your shoulders.

Hiring an entertainment service will not only relieve you of this stress but make the event even better with one more item off your plate. Here are just a few other reasons why hiring an entertainment service like us is the best idea you’ve had yet.


Keep the Good Times Rolling

When it comes to events, this is not the first time that we have been through the ring. As professionals, we have plans to keep your entertainment running smoothly. That also means being prepared with backup playlists and entertainment if anything chooses to go awry.

A part of planning that often goes unaccounted for is any downtime that happens between segments of an event. An entertainment service like Elite Disc is well-versed on how to keep the party moving and the good times rolling.

There’s nothing worse than a party with bored guests or people who stand around awkwardly not knowing what to do. Talk with your entertainment service about what you would like to get out of the party, and they’ll keep everything else in check.


We Work with You to Incorporate Your Unique Requests

Have some last minute that changes that you would like to add in? Not sure how to go about a strange request at your party? Whether it’s playing the Macarena on a constant loop (please don’t) or unveiling a photo booth in the middle of your dance floor, let your entertainment know what’s up!

Talking to your hired service about extra added details or practical jokes will liven the tone of your party. The world is your oyster, and we’re here to help with what you envision. Just please… there’s only so many times we can stand to hear the same song.

Having your service know what’s going on will also help them lead the guests through the party and mitigate any impending disasters. It’s better for all groups involved in the planning process to compromise ahead of time and plan things out accordingly.


We Know How to Satisfy An Audience

The most significant advantage of hiring a professional entertainment service is that we’ve been doing this a long time. We know how to read an audience and adjust accordingly. Amature DJ’s will only play from a given playlist and not account for how the mood of the party is going.

Knowing how to calm an exhausted party down is just as crucial as hyping a group up. Creating this balance is something that you won’t get from anybody else.